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Our basics

Rainbow is a worldwide movement with gatherings on separated places in nice nature: "totally free, non-commercial sharing of our lives and sacred hearts in the Cathedral of Nature". There are no participation fees; for common food we collect donations with a "Magic Hat". We sleep outside in tents, tipis or under the starlit sky. The origin was a gathering in Colorado (USA) 1972.

Raw food: The events offer the chance to get to know a natural way of life, especially edible wild plants and the raw food nutrition: We eat at the events exclusively vegan raw food, preferably from regional organic culti­va­tion and wild plants: fruits, leaves, roots, stalks, blossoms, seeds, mushrooms, mosses, algs... All the wild animals eat only raw - we are able to do it as well!



 Was wir machen

Drawing: circle

10 to 150 peo­­ple come for one month to­tal­ly free and non-com­mer­cial­ly to­ge­ther on a se­pa­ra­ted spot in na­ture - in the spring in South Spain and in the sum­mer in Germany. We are sharing our lives and hearts, make music together and live on raw food. About twelve and six o'clock we come together for a common meal, but the kitchen is all time open. Our "toilet" is a self dug pit, our "bathroom" a source, river or pool.


Drawing: hiker

2 to 20 people are wal­king on little roads or paths in na­ture. Most­ly no­bo­dy of us knows the way from ear­lier tours, so it happens that some­times we lose our way and get in diffi­cult parts with bushes. We tend to walk at the speed of the slowest participants, maybe 15 km per day. We find a lot of food in nature, but mostly we buy a bit additionally. However, the walk­abouts are con­nec­ting us both with our­selves and with nature.


With bicy­cles we can ma­nage lon­ger distan­ces than by foot, how­ever we ex­peri­ence the land­scape more in­tens­ly than by using ma­shines like bus or train. Some­times in autumn I cycle one month from Germany to Spain, to spend there after­­wards the winter. On this tour we find a lot of fruits, wild plants and nuts, so it's possi­ble to live on food from nature, if you want. When­ever possi­ble, we take small roads with little traffic.


For example...

Gathering in South Spain -
sweat lodge

Gathering in South Spain -
view to the tents

Walkabout in South Spain -
Mediterranean coast

Walkabout in South Germany -
soft grass road

Gathering in South Germany -
a sunny afternoon

Wild food walkabout in South Germany

Walkabout in South Germany -
super light rain protection

Bicycle tour to South Spain -
Mediterranea coast





Give thanks to the mother Gaia.
Give thanks to the father sun.
Give thanks to the flowers in the garden, where
the mother and the father are one.

Decoration in rainbow colors