About me

  • Birth: 04.11.1963 in Leer/Ostfriesland (North-West Germany)
  • Grown up in the village Strackholt (Ostfriesland)
  • Civilian service in a nursing home, Oldenburg
  • Studies (sound mixer) in Berlin
  • Work: as a sound mixer 4 years in the theater of Hildesheim and one year in Magdeburg, afterwards sometimes piano entertaining, paper rounds, street music, income from rent
  • My gardens: ca. 3 years in Hildesheim, 7 years close to Hannover, 3 years close to Dortmund
  • Married I was 11 years with a Korean woman; I have a daughter, she studies in Aachen architecture


Since summer 2005 I have no habitation anymore; I spend the summer most time in Germany and the summer in South Spain. Apart from that I don't travel much; Europa I never left in my life. Since 1996 I eat mainly raw food, but not always consequent. My food I take mainly from nature or from the rubbish of fruit shops, so I live from 100 Euro per month in everage. I like to play chess.