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Costa Rica







  • At Maella, around 200 km westwards of Barcelona: Flores de Vida (raw-vegan)
  • At Nerja, South Spain: We are renting some land 2 kilometers from Nerja, 50 km from Málaga, 300 m from the Mediterranean coast. We cultivate on 2 hectars land avocados, bananas, etc. in the organic way.

    Right now (Sept 2014) we are 5 permanent people and often there are visitors. Near by there are people who also do organic farming. We ask you to eat only raw on our land, and we have both a vegan and a not vegan area.

    Contact: Write me (Meenhard)



  • The first raw vegan french ecoplace just open !

    I'm there since a month and jean-denis, the original precursor of the project, wish now to host people who have fully adopted this lifestyle. The environement is quite good for this: near aix-en-provence, a land of two hectares spreading from forest to high grass, pristine spring water , internet, outdoor baths, solary heated water, nudist area, collective green house, growing fruit trees, first veggie-fruit shop at 5 minutes walking and other organic seller close by, butterflies, squirrels, hedgehogs :)

    Okay this little paradis could sometimes be spoiled by the saturday night neigbour disco or the road (400 meters) when the wind is low... but the perpective of camping here without any other return than a hand when you feel able to or the possibility to rent a hut hidden in the middle of the trees in a place of well being and love is worth to be lived ^^

    The access through the jean-denis mail: fruktifest2014laposte.net




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