Why raw food?

All the wild animals eat only raw - we are able to do it as well!

What is raw food?

From approx. 40 degree the vital matters are changing; bacterias and other smallest creatures are dying and new matters are resulting, which hurt us. In case of fever our body temperature increases, but it reaches no more than 42 degree, because otherwise the proteins and enzymes are denaturing, and we would die. Likewise our food should not get more than 42 degree, because therein are proteins and enzymes as well. (Exception: If fruits are on or under a tree drying in the sun, they get often more than 42 degree, nevertheless they are pure nature products. I think such small heating of our food will not hurt us.) Because the word "raw" often has a negative meaning like "inexperienced", sometimes other words are in use like: "fresh food" or "living food".
No raw food are: Soya sauce, mayonnaise, bought rolled oats (handling with hot steam), roasted nuts, roasted cacao etc. Roasting means heating with more than 200 degree! At dry fruits please pay attention, that they don't have chemical additives! We prefer fresh and ecological fruits.
Animal products: At least little animals like beetles, worms and insects are often to find in the nature, and a lot of them are tasty. Once and again we can find also eggs of wild birds, however milk from wild animals not. But is it really natural for humans to kill and eat animals, or do we have an innate loathing against this? This question is very disputed in the raw food scene. Let's respect the different thinking people! It's good to speak a bit about the different opinions and feelings, but not only and all the time; let's remember the common points in our thinking, feeling and doing! The main intention of our events is connecting, not discussing about our nutrition. The common meals at our events are vegan, that means without meat, fish, eggs, cheese, honey and other animal products; who wants can eat them in his/her tent.
Wild food is surely the best kind of raw food (and on top of it for free): fruits, leaves, roots, stalks, blossoms, seeds, mushrooms, mosses, algs...Look at Wild plants


Introduction to the raw food scene

The actual raw food scene consists of a lot different tendencies. I try to list the biggest (look also at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_food):
Raw veganism:
David Wolfe (USA): sweet fruits, greens and fat fruits in a balance, additioanl "superfood"
Helmut Wandmaker (Germany): Mainly fruits
Fruitarianism: fruits, nuts, seeds
Franz Konz (Germany): fruits, wild plants, roots, nuts, seeds; body movement
Raw vegetarianism:
Funky raw (Rob Hull, UK): fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, milk products, supplements, oils
Raw animal food:
Anopsology ("Insticto"): fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, meat, eggs (no mixing)
Aajonus Vonderplanitz (USA): meats, dairy, honey, fruit and vegetable juices, coconut cream
My advice: Try what is good for you, especially tendencies with much wild plants!


Health effects

A lot of raw foodists (of all tendencies) were formerly sick and are healed with raw food. Even illnesses which are said to be incurable went away with raw food! There are healings of cancer, allergies, rheumatism, MS... and on our events we have the chance to get to know healed people. But at best we just try the effects of the raw food on our own body! In the beginning it's good to detoxicate with fasting; see Fasting info. Sometime we'll realize that the raw food even makes clear thoughts and pleasant feelings! Our body, soul and spirit are an unity and in interaction.



Permanent health

It should be the best to find a possibility to stay on the healing raw food permanently. However some people get deficiency symptoms after a long time of raw food. Therefore (to my view) following recommendations:
* Let's eat a lot of wild plants and less cultivated fruits!
* Let's make our way of eating not to an ideology; let's keep our eyes open and pay attention to our body!
* Let's try out as well, which way of healthy food we can manage durable! Maybe little compromises can prevent bad losses.
* Let's take our food directly from mother earth without washing! Also we can eat a bit earth from different places and find out, where the earth is tasting good. The microorganism are good for us.
* Besides the nutrition, many-sided movement is important for our health, consisting of perseverance training (e.g. Jogging), muscle training and stretching.
* Also fresh air, less harmful substances (skin creme, clothes...), sun, simple way of life and adequate sleeping we need - and love and peace.

If you're looking for a place where you can realize this all easily - welcome to our events...