Bicycle tour info

Our bicycle tours differ pretty from other public offered bicycle tours. Look in what you´ll engage!


Equipment: Please take along less baggage - only what is absolutely necessary against cold and rain, repair kit and a bit bicycle tools! For more look at Equipment
Money: There are no admission fees. Some money we need for food and special cases. In plantations please go only, if they are obviously harvested or abandoned.
Journey: If possible, please come with bike, bus, railway, ship or hitch-hiking! As bikers we want less traffic on the roads. And aeroplanes are very ecologically harmful.
Duration: You can join in as long as you want, even it might be some hours.



Responsibility: Everyone is responsible for himself. Don't depend on other people, but on your own senses! There is no main responsible person; all participants take responsibility for the event and the environment as well.
Guidance: Although I send you the invitations, I like to share the guidance. If it is practical, I hand the map over. If you like, you can prepare yourself by arrangement for a part of the route (for example with
Route: We avoid whenever possible motor traffic. For this we put up with detours, rises etc. Because mostly nobody of us knows the way, it happens sometimes, that we lose our way or that roads are sandy, muddy or difficult (if possible for everyone).
Compromises: Don't be afraid of saying wishes, for example concerning the breaks! But please be willing to compromise as well! The speed predominantly depends on the slower participants.


Food & sleep

Wild plants: If you're interested in wild plants, please ask me or other herbal experts! I like to share my knowledge, if I feel interest.
Night's lodging: We're sleeping outside under tarps, in tents or open-air. In case of continuous rain we're looking for a hut or so.
Toilet: Your excrements please leave so that nobody will step in - dig a little hole and close it after using.



Rubbish: Please don't leave rubbish in the nature and collect also the rubbish, which other people left on our sleeping place - as a sign of thanks to mother earth.
Chemicals: Please try to live during the tour without any chemical product. Chemicals are foreign matters in the nature. So please use natural toothpaste, soap, suncream etc. without chemical ingredients - or renounce them totally.
Mobile: If you use a mobile phone, please go away from other people. At other times switch off.


Animal attacks

Dogs: Pause and ignore the dog (don't look to him). If he approaches nevertheless and looks aggressively, try to impress and displace him with decided commands.
Boars: Stand up, keep quiet and go away slowly. Normally boars are afraid of humans, only if there are young boars, an attack is possible.
Scorpiones could bite in seldom cases at hot summer days in South Spain - in areas with scorpions check your clothes, shoes and sleeping bag before using and don't walk barefoot.
Humans however - don't forget this - are much more dangerous: if they drive a car!

Drei Radfahrer auf dem Weg nach Südspanien, November 2006