Fasting info

Several raw food teachers like Franz Konz recommend to fast some days or weeks in the beginning of changing to raw food.

Why fasting?

* Fasting effects a cleaning (detoxification) of the intestine, in case of longer fasting of other body parts as well. Therefore fasting can heal.
* After the fasting it's easier to eat healthy food; even it's easier to detox drugs.
* After fasting we can better make use of our food, and toxic substances we can better excrete, because we have less old toxic substances.


How to fast?

* At first we eat 2 or 3 days only raw food (because it passes more quickly the intestines than cooked food).
* Afterwards we eat nothing; only spring water and a little healing earth we put into our mouth. The duration depends on our body weight. Underweight people should fast up to 3 days. This helps them to utilize the raw food better.
* At the latest when we look quite slender, we finish the fasting with an apple or a little other fruits. Further we eat as less heated food as possible.


Who should not fast?

About this we can read very different recommendations. I like the teaching of Franz Konz; he always answers: "Trust the nature and not the humans." He recommends to fast with eating only a bit of healing earth (earth fasting) and makes following exceptions:
Children: Fast at the most one day per age year.
Persons with heart trouble: Stop if the pulse gets irregular or if the breath gets difficult.
In case of taking cortisone, Insulin or other hormone drugs: At first eat raw food with wild plants, stop the drugs, later earth fasting.
Persons with hyperthyroidism: At the most 8 days earth fasting, then eat raw food with wild plants and fast one day per week until the weight is normal.
Kidney-sick persons with excess weight (Dialysis patients): Drink much while fasting; if the urine excretion makes problems, eat one day only fruits.
MS-, nerves-sick-, Parkinson-, Emphysema-suffering persons: Stop fasting, if you (after one week possible) get into a hard nervous crisis - then eat raw food with wild plants.
Liver- and pancreas-cancer: Fast only short, then eat raw food with wild plants.
Pregnant women: From the second month don't fast.



Sometimes a detoxification crisis gets too hard; then stop fasting and eat raw food with wild plants. To get a bit dizzy or weak and to think not to be able to continue - that's normal! Not to be too anxious, but also not to try to walk with with the head through a wall - please observe yourself and find out a good middle way!







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