Rawfood Gathering in Spain

Valley of the Rio Guadalquivir




Rawfood Gathering - South Spain

Zeichnung: Circle28 May - 27 June 2014  ★  Here you can find some additional fotos and below some info about the project EL PARDAL. The basic info and curent news you will find at: What-When-Where

Workshops: Wildfood walks, raw food, yoga, singing and surely many other...

Things to bring: sleeping bag, isolation-mat, lamp, if possible knife, fork, spoon, plate, instruments, song lyrics, candle, love and peace.
Costs: On the base of gifts (Magic Hat).
Location: in the Sieera de Carzola, around 200 km northeast of Granada
How to get there: You can get the directions only by email. I´ve sent already the invitation over the newsletter (see invitations). If you still need one, please write me.

Now Infos about the project EL PARDAL, wich is situated 2 km from our Rawfood Gathering!


El Pardal

In 1981     I founded El Pardal as a place for learning and growing

Over the last 40 years I have been learning, practising and teaching many ways of holistic healing, above all through deep massage combined with energy & inner work.

  • The over 100 years old farmhouse we reformed (natural stone walls, grass roof) is situated at 1500 m altitude, surrounded by nature, inside Spains biggest natural park, the Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas”. No neighbour nearer than one hour, the nearest villages are at  a distance of 2-3 hrs walking or 1,5 hrs by car. Alpine Vegetation with pines, stone oaks, varieties of bushes and grassland.                                                   We try to live as self-sufficient as possible, with 4 sources on the land, sun, wind and soon water power, ecological cultivation of veggies, fruit and herbs,         some animals milk goats, chicken, 2 horses + a dog- , natural medicine and recycling/reusing what we can, respecting and adapting the norms of permaculture. Part of the land is used as pasture, we plant many trees and keep some of the 27 hectars simply protected to see what nature can do.
  • We have been Wwoof members for over 20 years and are now in  Wwoof España (Nº 007) and mostly have between 3 7 helpers from all over the world, who stay for anything between a week and over a year.
  • We are open for more long-term members, which would enable me to put more emphasis on the aspects of healing  and teaching inner work and deep massage, be it in seminars or individual work.
  • Also I have years of experience working with difficult kids or those who need a time-out.
  • So we are  a community with changing members who share joy of life & work in a splendid setting,

We´d like to have more long-term members


Nearly all airports in España are at the same distance-

Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga etc. - only Granada is nearer

IMPORTANT: CALL AT LEAST THE NIGHT BEFORE  to confirm arrival, and in winter find out about  weather conditions, snow ect. !!! We're at 1500 m !!!