Dear Meenhard,
Thank you for the anouncement you made about our land in Alora. We have got some reaction mostly from small familys with a child.
I think the invitation is not totaly clear.
After the flood, the place needs to be rebuild, or at least cleaned up from collapsed trees. We have a burn permission and look for people who are inspired to plant new trees or vegetables or whatever they like.
The house is partly destroid and needs to be REBUILD There are all kinds of possibilitys, for example with strawbales or clay or cement.  The pathwork is still there, as well as the terras but needs to be freed from mud.
So what we actualy need are "strong" guys or woman, who like to live for a couple of years for free on a place where they can use their creativity and make the land fruitfull again.

So dear Meenhart, please will you send a new anouncement or simply use this one.
Thank you so much, Rénate and Patrick