With bus to the gathering


Train from Málaga to Álora: This is cheaper (approx. 2 Euro) than to go by bus. From the airport Málaga you go with line C1 two statios to the station "Victoria Kent". There you switch into line C2 and get off at the last station "Álora". Map of the stations:


Then you take the bus to "El Chorro"  - see below.

Bus (line 108 ?) from Málaga to Álora (last station "Piscina")
Timetable: siu.ctmam.ctan.es/es/movil/horarios_lineas_tabla.php?lang=es&linea=108
(If you like you can walk from here (approx. 5 kms): Ask for direction Paredones/Bermejo, after leaving the town turn the third road right, where also a road is going to the left. Then follow the red rags of clothes. Later you have to cross a river, the water goes a bit over the knees! On the other side of the river is the gathering place.
Or take another bus:)

Bus (line 121 ?) from Álora to El Chorro and get off at the station Paredones
Timetable: siu.ctmam.ctan.es/es/movil/horarios_lineas_tabla.php?lang=es&linea=121
List of the stations: https://siu.ctmam.ctan.es/es/movil/siu_lineas_detalles_termometro.php?linea=121&from=


Footway from Paredones to the gathering (1,7 km): We marked the way completely with rags of clothes (in the beginning blue, later red). But for the case that people put away the signs, I describe the first part of the way:

* Go from Paredones 450 m in direction east

* Turn left and go through the tunnel under the railway

* After the tunnel turn left again to the bridge over the river (200 m)

* After the river turn right, down into a footpath and follow the rags of clothes to the gathering (1 km, on the right side of the channel, later turn right). 

(With baby stroller:  follow the asphalt road, at the T- junction turn right, after 1 km turn right, where you see a rainbow sign. This road you follow to the end (500 m dirt road) - welcome home.)

The gathering is directly at the river.